Marvel’s Avengers Beta Review

I so want to like this game…

But it feels like it is doing everything in its power to make me not like it and this is why I have to do an early review for the Marvel’s Avengers Beta. Before reading further, remember that I am only reviewing the beta. The base game could have improved on it further and my qualms may be resolved in the full release of the game.

Here we go. Earth’s Mightiest Heroes meets Destiny 2. Who wouldn’t want to see this kind of mash up for a game.

In fact I have been so excited for this game since the day that they announced it at E3. Personally, I have no issue with the character designs because I read comics and I am so used to character designs changing from creative team to creative team. I think that this mentality is the reason why I have no problem with the character designs and I even love the voice cast. Troy Baker is one of my favorite voice actors and to see him teaming up with Nolan North again is hilarious. The gameplay is also really fun. Each of the playable characters are strong and it makes for really good fighting as you bash down tons of enemies. It almost feels like you are being brought into a Marvel movie at times. There are actually a few things that I did like from the beta, now that I think of it. But it is by no means a perfect game in its current state.

My issues mostly derive from this game not being polished enough in its current state. I believe that beta is most likely not too far off from the actual game that will be released because it is being released next week. This worries me because I ran into many visual glitches. Although some of them could just be considered minor cropping or blurry textures, it was enough of them to drag me out of the experience.

Then there is the story. I would like to think that the beta didn’t give us much of the story or that it took pieces of the story and gave us mostly gameplay, but I worry that it was actually the start of the game and its kind of an issue for me because the story is pretty thin. It is not bad by any means, but it just feels loose. But this is still a really big issue because fans are expecting more from the team that made the tomb raider reboot trilogy. And especially from the Marvel brand whom are know for large and epic storytelling. Sadly, this beta showed that the story is really taking a back seat in this game and that sucks.

The last thing that I want to talk about regarding the beta is the innovation of the game. I am honestly finding it hard to have a reason to play this game. Which again sucks because I really want to like this game. I was a massive fan of Marvel Heroes. I had every character unlocked with tons of outfits and an overpowered Luke Cage build I relied on until the servers were killed. I need a replacement Marvel game that gives me endless gameplay with raids that I can do everyday without getting bored.

However, after playing Marvel’s Avengers, I don’t see why anyone would pick this game over playing Destiny 2 for example. Destiny 2 has way more to offer for a new player with smoother servers and top notch gameplay. I would argue that the Marvel brand should be enough, but it isn’t. The game’s story is so thin that it is less interesting than one of the marvel movie game like Captain America: First Avenger. And if you want a good Marvel story, then you could just go and play Spider-Man or if you want those characters, then you could go play Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3. I just think that this game hasn’t done enough to make itself unique yet. In its current state I think that Marvel’s Avengers will have a difficult time finding success.

BUT, I believe that after a year or two of updates and expansions. We could see a really fun game come out from this. I hope it does because I would love to get addicted to this game.

What did you think?




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