Doom Patrol Season 3!!!

Hey everyone! Sorry for the delay, but this week has been a bit hectic for Seppin and Rek, but we’re back with some important news. Last weekend was the second DC FanDome and they released a short panel with the cast from DC’s Doom Patrol.

Drum roll please!!

Doom Patrol is getting a third season on HBO Max! Supposedly, the executives were very satisfied with the DC Original show.

Who isn’t?

Anyone you guys wanna see in the next season? We know who we want back…

Mr Nobody Wins GIF by cladmirer | Gfycat

The second season ended on a very abrupt cliffhanger, something the DC Universe shows have started a habit of and is very upsetting and annoying in our opinion. It will be a long wait until we finally figure out what happened to Jane and Dorothy and the whole team for that matter

We at SeppinRek love Doom Patrol and the shows absolute absurdity. Are you guys excited for a third season? What do you want to see? Tell us in the comments below!

Until next time…



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