DC Theory: Is The Batman post Flashpoint?!

Hey everyone, I have a neat theory and discussion regarding the Batman film and if it takes place after Flashpoint. This is a post that came out after my video. I go into a little more detail in the video so you should go check it out!

So, is The Batman actually set in the post Flashpoint timeline?

Watch the video version here:


I think that this is a question that we have been asking ourselves ever since Robert Pattinson was cast into The Batman. I get that DC is going with a multiverse approach, which allows for limitless creation and content, but I think that The Batman really needs to be made a part of DCU.

Firstly, I will describe why this needs to be a thing before I actually point out how it is and could be the new Batman. First off, we need this because even though Ben Affleck has agreed to do Flashpoint, there is no proof that he will stay or continue as Batman. In fact, many sources have pointed out that this will be his last hurrah as the caped crusader. And although that is sad, we do need to think about the future. Viewers need a Batman in the DC Universe. He is the DC Movies bread and Butter. Without Batman you can’t have a solid DC Universe. Everyone knows Batman and grew up with their own version of the character so it is important that the question of, “Where’s Batman?” always has an answer in your Cinematic Universe.

Okay, so now we can get into why I think that Robert Pattinson is our future Batman. First off, the original Matt Reeves Batman film was supposed to be a Batfleck film before it was reworked after Ben Affleck leaving the DCU. So, why was reworked? Probably because Matt Reeves has a vision for his batman series of films and Warner brothers are letting him run with it. However, this seems strange to have a group of films that aren’t even connected to the DCU staring a Batman that isn’t going to interact with the DCU. Which means one thing. That Warner Brothers and DC have already made the decision that they will incorporate this Batman into the DCU. Why else would they put so much into an alternate version of Batman when you don’t have a Batman to begin with. It’s because they are setting him p to join the DCU.

Now, my second reason is that they are doing a Flashpoint film. Of course, in the comics, flashpoint was used as a rebooting event to restart the DC Universe and I don’t see why the aren’t doing the same here. Although it is neat to see the DC Films have such a fluid canon, I think that they are going to start to have more strict borders starting with Flashpoint to show us what exists on the Main Earth and what we should be paying attention to. How does this connect with batman? Because this is how you are going to pull The Batman into the main continuity, with a clear and concise retcon that people will be able to understand. It should be simple to understand because you already have two Batmen in the film showing the viewers that there is a multiverse and that Robert Pattinson is now currently the Batman of the primary Earth. This is a simple way to write off Ben Affleck and also to open the door to future crossover with other Batmen or with future characters that may come from non-canon films like 2019’s Joker. Of course, we probably don’t want Juaquin Phoenix to come in because that would be terrifying.

These are currently my thoughts. If they change at all or if there are any future announcements then I will record a follow up post to respond. What do you think? Would you want Robert Pattinson to be The Batman of DC Films?




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