Jamie Foxx Electro coming to Spider-Man 3

Well this is interesting. Jamie Foxx, who played Electro in the poorly reviewed Amazing Spider-Man 2 will apparently be returning in Spider-Man 3. We are to believe that this is a cameo, but we are not sure whether it will be the same character from the previous Spider-Man film or if he will be playing the MCU’s Electro.

Fans are glad to see Foxx’s return because it could possibly shine the light on the potential Spiderverse that is being built. This could possibly coincide with Morbius rumored to take place in another universe. This is super interesting and we are really excited to see Foxx return to the role.

Jamie Foxx Bringing Villain Electro to the MCU for Next Tom Holland  'Spider-Man' Movie — Report

After all, he was debatably the best part from that movie.

What do you think? Are you excited too?



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