Top 5 Cancelled Spider-Man Films!

Originally, this post was just going to be cancelled Marvel film, but when I saw how many Spider-Man films and spin-offs were cancelled, I decided to do a separate post. Yes, the Web-head and his amazing friends have had a lot of cancelled projects over the years. Several very recently... Thanks Sony. This is just... Continue Reading →


Marvel Comics just teased a return to the 2099 timeline. Spider-Man 2099 conveniently just return to comics in this month's Amazing Spider-Man #25. His reappearance may be part of something much bigger than just a simple cameo. Marvel released the following image, slating the book or event for a November 2019 release date. The 2099... Continue Reading →

Seppin Reviews: Edge of Spider-Geddon #2

Welcome back to our new series in which we review the comics that we read every week. This week Seppin is going to be reviewing Edge of Spider-Geddon #2 by Lonnie Nadler, Zac Thompson, and Gerard Way with art by Alberto Jimenez Alburquerque.   ~~Review~~   I do really enjoy exploring the vast spider-verse. There are so many unique... Continue Reading →

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