New Book Released!!!

Hey everyone! Sorry for the slowness of the blog lately. Things have been a little hectic for Seppin and Rek and the release of Zack Snyder’s Justice League has done us no favors. Literally, Seppin has been binge watching it on repeat at this point! Hope you’ve all had a chance to see it, but first things first.

SeppinRek has just put out a new book on Amazon Kindle!

Rek has been working quite hard to get it done and it is finally out.

Ghost: To Walk with Spirits

Yes, Mark Slovach from the Unidentified is back and in a terrible spot in his old life. Check out the blurb below for more info!

            Former CIA Agent Mark Slovach, codenamed Ghost, has been returned to the present day after a brief stint with time travel. Yet, the present isn’t as precious to him as he may have once envisioned. The sins of his past have weighed him down for too long and his mental illness has progressed to the point where he’s attempted to kill himself every night with no success. The goddess Kali is torturously keeping Mark’s being alive to fulfill a purpose in her godly scheme.

            A murder out west brings Mark down an intoxicatingly, surreal journey around the world in hopes of finding a kind of peace or a final way out. Terrible death and haunting sights will further scar Mark’s struggling soul. The dead will rise. Old faces will offer lies and present them as truths. And a fitting end? Is that possible for someone such as Ghost? Or is he damned to walk with spirits…

            Read on for the next adventure into the world of SeppinRek books and be warned, no gift comes without a cost.

It’s taken a while in the making and we hope that you’ll enjoy this new adventure into the SeppinRek world! Head to Amazon and get yourself a copy!

Or check out the other SeppinRek books too!

Until next time…



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