REVIEW: Wonder Woman vol. 1: Blood

Hello, and welcome to my comic review for Wonder Woman vol. 1: Blood. This is the first six issues for Brian Azzarello’s New 52 Wonder Woman run. You can find a link to it’s Amazon page, here!

Now, I know that doing a review for a book that came out eight years ago is probably not the best for views, but I only just read Azzarello and Chiang’s Wonder Woman for the first time today. So, I’ve decided to spread the good word! Let’s get to the review!

First, I know that the New 52 is a super controversial area when it comes to DC fans. It brought in a lot of new readers, but at the same time it turned away many long time fans. However, I had always heard good things about Azzarello’s Wonder Woman run. And after reading this new origin story, I can see why many people like it. It is action packed and very epic. Cliff Chiang’s art really adds to the dramatic movement and action throughout the story. The character designs draw from mythology and makes myth geeks like myself very giddy.

I really like the use of the mythological gods like Hera and Hermes. I think that it is a natural progression for the Wonder Woman story and adds to her origin. As for the changes to her origin, I am still unsure as to to where I stand. I have always found the idea of her being formed out of clay a little bland of an origin. It’s not quite up to par alongside the last son of a dead planet. With this new origin, I do like the idea of her being a daughter of Zeus. However, I am not a fan of there being a secret romance between Queen Hippolyta and the king of the gods. I feel like it creates a direct connection between her and the gods which I don’t like. I prefer the idea that the queen’s devotion is what made Zeus create Diana. So, I am really split when it comes to this origin because I do love the idea of Wonder Woman becoming this Greek heroine, a child of Zeus even! It makes her a stronger character that you could see fighting equally beside Superman. However, Hippolyta’s part worsens it for me.

The story is about Diana trying to protect a child of Zeus alongside Hermes. Which is interesting, but I really like how it was used to hide the plot twist of Diana’s origin. I think it hid the secret really well and even surprised me while I was reading it. I like how most of the characters act in the book, however I am not a big fan of Zola. She seems just like a means for the story. I didn’t find her likable, and I wanted to know more about her besides she’s just a woman that Zeus slept with. I wonder what made her special? What caught his eye? Perhaps this will be answered further on in the run. (I will be reviewing the later volumes as well, so if this is answered, I will come back and update this post.)

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Lastly, I just want to say that Cliff Chiang’s art is what sells the book for me. I love the action and the movement of the characters. Everyone really pops. The character designs are also all unique, which you need when you are building a large mythology of literal gods. Each of them are unique and different. I really like Ares. He is just an old man in a western suit with blood splattered on him.

Before I score the book, I want to say that I loved the myth and lore shown in this story and I absolutely recommend it even if you are not a traditional Wonder Woman fan!


Storytelling:     4.5

(How good is the story? Does it stand up to others?)

Art:     5

(Does it tell the story? Does it work well with the character?)

Importance:     4

(Does this story need to be told? Is it helping the Character?)

Character:     4

(Is the character represented well? Does the writer understand the character?)

Total:     17.5 / 20

Wonder Woman, Vol. 1: Blood (The New 52): Azzarello, Brian, Chiang, Cliff:  8601404518461: Books


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