What’s Next for the Spider-Man films?!

Hello everyone, in this post I just wanted to talk about the future of the Spider-Man films. I want to bring up what films are confirmed and which ones we might be seeing in the near future too. I love Spider-Man and the No Way Home film feels like it is about to blow open Sony’s Spider-Man Universe. There are so many great characters that they have to explore and I am just excited to talk about this!

Venom: Let There Be Carnage

Venom, Venom 2, Venom Let There Be Carnage

Venom’s second film is right around the corner as of writing this post. How will this fit into the SSU?

Well, it’s not confirmed that we will be seeing a Spider-Man or any other character in this film, but it is possible that Eddie will be moving to the big apple after this film’s conclusion. We can theorize this because of a little slip up from the Morbius director who said that they worked with Tom Hardy in the film. So we could be seeing Venom or Eddie Brock show up in Morbius and possibly within New York.

Does this mean we may finally get a Spider-Man and Venom showdown?

Potentially, in the future…

Spider-Man: No Way Home

I have already talked a lot about this film, but I believe that it is going to open the door for future Spider-Man films and spin-offs. I mean, we are getting the Spiderverse and thus we can get any number of different Spider-Men.

Then, there is Peter. I still feel like he is going to quit at the end of this film and we will probably see him take time off to be Peter Parker again. However, I believe this will most likely lead to future Spider-Man films with Tom Holland as an older Peter Parker, perhaps in college, and looking to throw the suit on once more.

There is also the Sinister Six film which we know that Sony has been trying to give those guys a movie for years.

The other Spider-Men are also appearing and…

I might be getting ahead of myself here.

Still, this film could change how we perceive the Spider-Man films depending on Sony’s ambition.


Morbius trailer turns Jared Leto into the Living Vampire | EW.com

A film that I have been waiting years for. Seriously, isn’t it strange how they chose to delay this film?

Almost as if it contains spoilers for No Way Home or Venom 2…

Yes, Morbius probably won’t have any affect on the grand scheme of Sony’s Spider Plot, but the events transpiring in the background are what will be the most important.

Like the graffiti from the first trailer, Tom Hardy’s appearance, and what the Vulture is doing out of Stryker’s Island.

There is a lot here, but it could also show us what Sony is doing with Morbius.

Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse 2

I am including this film here because it is a Spider-Man movie and technically connects to the grander Spiderverse, so there is nothing wrong with considering it cannon to the SSU.

I think, just like its previous film, this film will continue to enlighten fans about the multiverse and how it connects to Spider-Man.

However, I do not see any of this making a connection to Sony’s other projects.


Here is a film that we are only just learning more about. Sony seems to be actually committing to this one so we are excited to proclaim that this film will happen. (Unlike other projects)

Kraven is an oddball. He is a Sinister Six member, but with Sony already creating a team, what use does Kraven have for the greater SSU.

Well now we can start theorizing. Perhaps, this film will tie into a Sinister Six film or show Kraven being invited onto the team.

Or we could see Sony take an anti-hero approach with Kraven, like they have done with Venom and Morbius. Maybe Sony is working to create a super powered team of Spider-Man anti-heroes?

After all, they love what venom has done and they seem hopeful with Morbius’ similar approach.

As of now, we don’t know anything about this film, but it is fun to speculate what might be.

These are all of the projects that are confirmed and have a date attached…

However, we do know about a film being directed by Olivia Wilde which is being assumed as a Spider-Woman film. Sadly, we don’t have a date or any other knowledge on this film.

There is also a rumored Madame Web project, however, it also has had zero traction.

The same thing can be said for the Jackpot and Nightwatch films.

So, what do you think? Are you excited to see some more Spider-Man projects from Sony? They are just around the corner, who knows what No Way Home will tease?


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