Morbius Trailer Out NOW!

Hey everyone! Yesterday, Sony sent out a short featurette describing who Morbius is from the comics and announced a new trailer, which you can find that short teaser Here. However, this morning the new second trailer was released that invites fans to meet a new vampiric anti-hero.

Check it out below!

You know, this actually looks really good! We loved the first teaser that came out so long ago now and we’re still excited to see Leto’s Morbius after this trailer.

Eagle-eyed Spider fans have found even more connections to the various Spider-Man films in this trailer already. For instance, Oscorp logo on a building after the subway tunnels scene is the same from the Amazing Spider-Man series. Then, you’ve got the Venom reference at the end. There’s Michael Keaton’s Vulture from Tom Holland’s Spider-Man. The graffiti on the wall is the Spider-Man design from Raimi’s Spider-Man as well as the same Daily Bugle logo.

It’s an absolute mash-up. Perhaps this takes place at the same time as No Way Home in the world that Doctor Strange creates for Tom Holland’s Peter Parker? It’s definitely a tad confusing right now, but hopefully the film will help clear that all up.

Anyways, what are your thoughts on the new Morbius trailer? How do you think it is connected to the other Spider-Man series? Let us know in the comments below!

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