Sony Announces New Morbius Trailer Tomorrow

Hey everyone! Many Spider-fans have been rumoring a new trailer from Sony coming this week and today we discovered that they will be posting a brand new trailer for the vampiric vigilante, Morbius, tomorrow. To announce tomorrow’s trailer, Marvel released a short announcement with Jared Leto informing fans who Dr. Michael Morbius is to the casual audience.

Check it out below!

There is quite a few new clips in the teaser, one scene in particular that has Marvel fans confused. In this scene, Morbius is looking down at a newspaper with an article stating that Morbius has been apprehended for “Vampire Murder.” What is most bizarre about his newspaper is the related article up top which mention a scene at the end of Webb’s Amazing Spider-Man 2 where Paul Giamatti’s Rhino charges at Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man. Another section also mentions Black Cat, who also appeared in the same film and was played by Felicia Hardy.


So, what are your thoughts on Morbius’ connection to the various Spider-Man universes? Are you excited for the trailer tomorrow? Let us know in the comments below!

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