Suicide Squad 2 Director!

We have a director for Suicide Squad 2! It is going to be none other than Gavin O'Connor! O'Connor will be reportedly writing and directing the sequel which has already confirmed stars, Jared Leto, Margot Robie, and Will Smith. O'Connor is known for his work on The Accountant and The Warrior. So, what do we... Continue Reading →

Jared Leto in Talks to Play Bloodshot

Deadline is reporting that Jared Leto is in talks to play Valiant Comics, Bloodshot! The Joker is in early negotiations with Sony to take on this character and what a character it is. Angelo Mortalli, starts out as a ruthless mob killer before being forcibly subjected to an experimental program which leaves him with superhuman... Continue Reading →

The Joker Returns?

Speculation has again run rampant in the DC movie world. Last night, Jared Leto, the crown prince of Gotham, shared two images on social media and, of course, everyone went nuts. The first picture is, as most of you know, the cover from the iconic Killing Joke comic and the second looks to be a... Continue Reading →

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