REVIEW: The Dark Knight Returns

Since it is 80s week on the blog, I figured that I would review a classic Batman story, The Dark Knight Returns. This is one of the first graphic novels that I ever purchased and added to my collection and it is an important story for the history of Batman and comics because it was... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Superman: The Man of Steel vol. 3

The first two volumes of this series are some of my favorite Superman stories of all time and this volume continues that trend. You can find this book that features stories from John Byrne, Marv Wolfman, Jerry Ordway, and Dan Jurgens on Amazon for around $45.00 right now. But let's start talking about it! First... Continue Reading →

Fables Returns in DC Black Label

Hey everyone! DC just released some exciting news yesterday that has Seppin and MSR spouting out theories for television shows based on Vertigo's Fables series. If you didn't read the title, DC has just announced that Bill Willingham and Mark Buckingham will reunite in writing a 12-issue DC Black Label project that picks up after... Continue Reading →

DC Super Pets Teaser

Hey everyone! There are a lot of DC projects in production at the moment and that means a handful of news, set images, and teasers for fans to enjoy. Some months ago at DC FanDome, DC announced a Super Pets animated film was in the making with Dwayne Johnson set to voice Krypto the Superdog.... Continue Reading →

First Look at Shazam: Fury of the Gods Suit

Hey everyone! With Shazam starting up production, it's about time that we start seeing some set photos and first looks. The other day, director David Sandberg put out a short video showcasing Zachery Levi's new suit for Shazam's sequel and it looks like a pleasant upgrade for the big cheese! Check out the video below!... Continue Reading →

Aldis Hodge is Hawkman?!

Alright! This is the news that we have all been waiting for when it comes to Black Adam, who is playing Hawkman? Aldis Hodge is that Man and we can't be happier. He is a good actor and we are super excited to see what he brings to Carter Hall. We are expecting a strong... Continue Reading →

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