The Leaked Flash Promo is Hiding a Character!

A small promotion video for the upcoming Flash film has leaked online and is causing a ton of theories. People are coming up with wacky theories over this promo because there is a character hidden by a spoiler warning sign in multiple shots! This is really funny, but it has us all wondering who is... Continue Reading →

First Look at The Flash’s new suit!

DC is offering yet another costume tease this week as Andy Muschietti, the director of the upcoming Flash movie, released a pic teasing the Flash's new suit! It seems similar to the film logo that was revealed earlier this year and we like that. We love the technological design that you can see spiraling... Continue Reading →

New Flash Director and Writer

Hey everyone! It seems the roller-coaster that is the Flash movie continues with another director change. Ugh... I just wish that WB would get moving with this film already. I know they want to get it just right, but their sitting on The Flash is annoying us fans. Still, It's said that Andy Muschietti is... Continue Reading →

Flashpoint has New Directors!

Finally, some news about the Flashpoint film that everyone is pretty excited to see, right? Well, we certainly are! This weekend it was announced that┬áJohn Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein would be directing the film. You may know them from the recent thriller comedy, Game Night. So we looked into them further and found out... Continue Reading →

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