NEW STORY Strange Adventures

Just a day after King and Gerads's Mister Miracle won multiple Eisner Awards because of its an awesome story! DC announced that those creators' next series would focus on the cosmic hero Adam Strange. Below is the artwork that was done by the two artists that announced the new graphic novel.   The artwork casts two dramatically different versions... Continue Reading →

Doom Patrol Season 2 Confirmed!

Doom Patrol has officially renewed for a second season and will premiere on both DC Universe and HBO Max. Plot details and episode count have not been discussed and we don't know anything else yet other than it is happening. Isn't that beautiful. If you would like to learn about our thoughts on the first... Continue Reading →

Marvel Studios SDCC Roundup

Hey everyone! Comic Con has started and with it comes a whole lot of awesome trailers, posters, and announcements for us to enjoy.  Marvel is at Hall H and with it comes a sling of news for phase 4. And here is our slate of movies and shows!   First up is the Eternals with... Continue Reading →


Marvel Comics just teased a return to the 2099 timeline. Spider-Man 2099 conveniently just return to comics in this month's Amazing Spider-Man #25. His reappearance may be part of something much bigger than just a simple cameo. Marvel released the following image, slating the book or event for a November 2019 release date. The 2099... Continue Reading →

NEW STORY Annihilation

Marvel revealed the teaser by artist Ariel Olivetti of Annihilus, the bug-like galactic villain from the Negative Zone that is responsible for the Annihilation Wave that wreaked havoc during the original Annihilation event. It's also confirmed that this will act like a follow up to the original event, which is cool because Annihilation is a crazy awesome story. "Annihilation... Continue Reading →

NEW STORY Tales of the Dark Multiverse

DC has announced that they are coming up with a new line of comics called "Tales from the Dark Multiverse", this line of books will focus on stories from the Dark Multiverse. The Dark multiverse was previously introduced in Dark Knights Metal and is a whole Multiverse of Earths that didn't work out. Or worlds... Continue Reading →

NEW STORY The Death of the Speed Force

Joshua Williamson and Howard Porter are just about done with their Year One storyline and already have plans for their next story and it is fantastic! It is called, "The Death of the Speed Force" which is an insanely ominous name for the next story considering we are about to wrap up the Flash's origin.... Continue Reading →

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