Top Five 80s Comic Book Movies

Believe it or not, the 80s is where the comic book movie all started, yes there were adaptations prior and let's not forget Superman: The Movie (Still one of my favorite movies of all time!) but the modern day comic book movie has its origins set in the 80s. Since it is 80s week on... Continue Reading →

HBO Max Orders 3 Shows From J.J. Abrams

Hey everyone! Hope everybody is surviving the quarantine alright. We've got some really good new to share today, so buckle up! HBO Max Orders 3 New Shows Confirmed by Hollywood Reporter, Warnermedia has ordered three shows to the upcoming new streaming service, HBO Max. The shows detailed are Duster, a series in the 1970's about... Continue Reading →

SDCC DC Universe Shows’ Posters

Hey everyone! Comic Con starts TODAY and ahead of their panel, DC Universe unveiled four new posters for its shows. They will be given out to DC Fans at their panels, so don't forget to pick them up if you can! They look pretty freaking cool! Check them out below. What do you guys think... Continue Reading →

Swamp Thing Cancelled

Hey everyone! We've got some sad news for you guys today. As I'm sure most have you have heard, the DC Universe show, Swamp Thing, has been cancelled. Damn! That was hard to write... So, why you ask? Well, it was all because of an accounting error made by the state of North Carolina. Supposedly,... Continue Reading →

DC’s Wondercon News

Hey everyone! Wondercon happened last weekend and whole lot of news was given to us. So, hold on because there is a lot to explain. Firstly, we got our first look at Stargirl for the DC Universe series and... BAM! It looks pretty awesome, escpecially that cosmic staff. It's also said to release in early... Continue Reading →

DC Universe Originals Slate!

Oh Boy! We have finally gotten a slate from DC! *Whispers in the background* Wait, are you telling me this isn't a DCEU slate? Oh, I guess we will never get that, huh? Never the less, we just got a slate for all of DC Universe's originals that will be dropping every Friday. Check it... Continue Reading →

DC Universe News!

Hey everyone! There was a giant release of news from DC concerning the new streaming service. So much so, that I am just going to post it all below and let you guys go through it... Get hyped! DC UNIVERSE is a first-of-its kind digital subscription service that gives fans access to exclusive content and... Continue Reading →

DC Shows News

Hey everyone! There was a breakthrough of news about the upcoming DC streaming service (DC Universe), so hold onto your seats. Firstly, we received a lot of logos for the shows being released. Titans Amazing! Can't wait! Young Justice: Outsiders Seppin is excited. Harley Quinn Can't Wait. And finally, the biggest head turner... Swamp Thing... Continue Reading →

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