Swamp Thing Test Footage for Dark Universe!


That’s right, the Dark Universe movie is not cancelled or pushed under the rug. It is very much alive. This week we got some test footage for Swamp Thing. For those that don’t know the character, he is the spirit of the Swamp, and one of the strongest elemental forces. So here is the the footage…


What does this mean for the Dark Universe film? Nobody is quite sure, but after the confirmed Justice League Dark animated film, it is possible they are testing the waters for the Dark Universe film. The film was never really canceled, but it was surprising to see it wasn’t apart of the original DC line-up. Interesting because there are a couple of unannounced DC films in Warner Brother’s lists. There is still one for 2017, but we’re not sure anything could be kept a secret that long and still come out next year. There is also another one in 2018 that we think could be Dark Universe or Batman.

Whatever may be happening with the Dark Universe, we’re pretty excited to see this small glimpse of footage!





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