DC Daily News

Hey everyone! Yesterday was the first ever livestream for DC Daily and we received a lot of news from Kevin Smith and the guys at DC Universe. First off, we learned when the DC Universe Launch is... It's September 15th, which is also Batman Day for those unaware! We also found out when Titans will... Continue Reading →

Young Justice Outsiders footage!

Finally, some Young Justice News! We have a clip that shows off the entirety of season two in a nut shell and gives us a peak at what season three will be like for us. Check it out below because it has a lot. We are seeing many old faces and we are seeing even... Continue Reading →

Young Justice: Outsiders Image

Hey everyone! A new image for Young Justice: Outsiders was just released. The photo showcases the main team that they will be using in the show. Check it out below. Interesting! Tell us what you guys think about this new team in the comments below! Until next time... ~Rek ~Seppin

DC Universe News!

Hey everyone! There was a giant release of news from DC concerning the new streaming service. So much so, that I am just going to post it all below and let you guys go through it... Get hyped! DC UNIVERSE is a first-of-its kind digital subscription service that gives fans access to exclusive content and... Continue Reading →

New Young Justice: Outsiders Image

Hey everyone! A new image was released for the third season of Young Justice. The image features a few new characters who we will see pop up in the show. So, check it out below. As you can see, the image features Katana, Metamorpho, and Black Lightning. Seppin isn't sure who the green suit guy... Continue Reading →

DC Shows News

Hey everyone! There was a breakthrough of news about the upcoming DC streaming service (DC Universe), so hold onto your seats. Firstly, we received a lot of logos for the shows being released. Titans Amazing! Can't wait! Young Justice: Outsiders Seppin is excited. Harley Quinn Can't Wait. And finally, the biggest head turner... Swamp Thing... Continue Reading →

First look at Young Justice Outsiders

Hey guys, guess what! It's time for some Young Justice season three news. Here we get the first look a the team. Check it out:   . Some cool suits for Robin, Arsenal, Blue Beetle, Kid Flash, Static, Wonder Girl, Beast boy. Some good looks at Arrowette, and Spoiler at the end. The character in... Continue Reading →

Young Justice 3 Confirmed!

"We did it!" That was the yells that echoed through the house of SeppinRek last night when Seppin heard the news that Young Justice Season 3 was confirmed. Warner Bros. Animation announced yesterday that a third season of the beloved Young Justice animated series is officially in production, more than three and a half years... Continue Reading →

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