PS5: Spider-Man Miles Morales!

  Playstation started off strong with an announcement trailer for a sequel to Marvel's Spider-Man with a new adventure following Miles Morales! After being introduced in the first game, it is exciting to see Insomniac create a whole new adventure focused on the other Spider Man! We love Miles, check out the trailer below: Continue Reading →

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Trailer!

Great, another trailer for us all to enjoy! This morning we got an awesome trailer that no one was expecting for the new Spider-Man filmĀ Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. Seppin freaked out and has the trailer on a non-stop loop while he is looking for anything secretive. The animation is beautiful and has a very artsy... Continue Reading →

More Into the Spiderverse news!

We got some more information today related to the new animated film, Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse. Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, who are writing and producing the film, gave some interesting information related to Peter Parker's presence in the film. Apparently they are not making any connections with Tom Holland's webslinger in the film, but... Continue Reading →

Spider-Man Homecoming Deleted Scene

Spider-Man Homecoming is out for digital release and it has a nice little bonus clip. Unfortunately some are not so happy about this not being in the movie...okay, just Seppin, but whatever. When Seppin saw this, he cried, "Why? Why wasn't this is the movie?" Yes, Miles Morales does exist in the universe and that... Continue Reading →

Miles Morales Confirmed

Sony has just officially confirmed that their still untitled animated Spider-Man feature will revolve around Miles Morales, not Peter Parker. The announcement was made during a presentation in LA today, where the studio also debuted test footage and concept art. Seppin's Reaction: The animated Spider-Man movie is due to open December 21, 2018.   ~Seppin... Continue Reading →

Top Five Spidermen.

Our Top Five Tuesday features our picks for our favorite Spidermen. Let's get right to it, shall we? 5. Spiderman Noir In the Noir universe, Spiderman is a hardened vigilante. He uses guns to take out the mob. He's just so different from the original character and cool that we think he is interesting which... Continue Reading →

Top Five Young Superheros

  Welcome to our Top Five Young Superhero list. Normally we do this on Tuesday, but Wednesday is just as good! Young superheros can be really hit or miss. Instead of focusing on the misses, let's focus on the hits. You may notice that DC is pretty well represented on this list. Simple fact is,... Continue Reading →

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