SeppinRek Update (Reviews, Books, and More!)

Hey Everyone, It's Seppin bringing you a desperately needed update for SeppinRek. It's about time for a small update to tell you guys what's going on and what is happening. First, we should pull out the excuse list for why I haven't been posting. This will take a while, so you should probably skip below... Continue Reading →

Luke Cage Season 2 Non-Spoiler Review

Seppin's favorite Harlem hero is at it again. Luke's second season was released Friday morning and Seppin has been binging the show non-stop to get you all the best non-spoiler review there is out there. Sadly, MSR and Rek are not finished, so that means this review is going to be Seppin's sole opinion. Seppin:... Continue Reading →

SeppinRek reviews Black Panther!

Hey everyone! In light of our incredible return to the blog, we have also started the youtube channel back up to focus more on comics and movies and are hereby canceling all gameplay that was previously going up there. And what would be the best way to start? Why a review of the most recent... Continue Reading →

John Wick 3 Confirmed

John Wick 2 director, Chad Stahelski, seemingly confirmed that John Wick 3 is happening! “We’re currently in the middle of writing it right now,” Stahelski confirmed when asked about the film’s current status. When pressed for info on when filming would begin, Stahelski replied, “It’s more of a how fast can we get our sh** together.... Continue Reading →

Zombieland 2 in Production

After seven years, it appears there will finally be a follow-up to the zombie-comedy flick, Zombieland. Writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, also credited for the recent superhero hit Deadpool, confirmed the sequel on AMC's Geeking Out. Wernick and Reese had this to say, "That is breaking news that we're on Zombieland 2 right now. We're sitting with Woody [Harrelson] tomorrow... Continue Reading →

The Monolith Movie

The DC Comics Series, The Monolith, is headed for the big screen. The project is in development at Lionsgate and will be directed by first timer Dave Wilson. The Monolith is a story about a powerful Golem created during the Great Depression in the 1930's. The creature was made to protect New York from the dark... Continue Reading →

The Rock & Jumanji

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson recently revealed on his Instagram that what was initially thought to be a remake of the much-loved '90s adventure fantasy, Jumanji, will in fact be a sequel. Johnson's Instagram reads :"In two weeks I'll reunite with ol' friends Kevin Hart and Jack Black and we have the honor to introduce a whole new generation... Continue Reading →

Justice League vs Teen Titans Review

  Official Synopsis: Robin is forced to join the young super team and soon has to help lead them in a fight against the mighty Justice League after they are possessed by the demon Trigon. Hey everyone, today we will be reviewing the most recent addition to the DC animated universe. Justice League vs Teen Titans.... Continue Reading →

Deadpool Review

    Seppin: So they finally made a movie for the Merc with a Mouth. Before I start praising the film I just want to comment on how well Ryan Reynolds has promoted this film. It seems every week we got a small trailer or he tweeted out a picture. It is worthy of an... Continue Reading →

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