Justice League vs Teen Titans Review



Official Synopsis: Robin is forced to join the young super team and soon has to help lead them in a fight against the mighty Justice League after they are possessed by the demon Trigon.

Hey everyone, today we will be reviewing the most recent addition to the DC animated universe. Justice League vs Teen Titans. This film is meant to revolve around the Teen Titans. It is also meant to create another series of movies other than the Justice League and Batman. The story focuses on Raven’s father Trigon and his desire to takeover the world, but first he needs to escape his prison and that requires him to have his daughter open it.



Seppin’s Review:

I am aware that not many people are enjoying the new films, but I actually have enjoyed most of them. This one was no different. I loved the new team that they have created. I liked how they did not focus much on the League and more on the Titans. Damian was actually really awesome as their sort of Batman. I think that many people dislike Damian and I ask them to watch this one film because it really lets him grow more as a character and out of the bat’s shadow. The only character that I did not enjoy was Blue Beetle. I am a big fan of Jaime Reyes as the Blue Beetle, but I think that they made him seem really rude and just an all around jerk. I wish they would have improved on his character, but everyone else was good.

I’d give it an 8.1.


Rek’s Review:

Although I am not a Damian Wayne fan, I felt like this movie worked well for him. The fight between the old Damian and the new Damian continues into this movie and we also see his thoughts on becoming Robin. My only complaint with this film is that there was not enough Nightwing. I mean, look at the picture above. How can you even put him in the photo if he wasn’t even in the fight? With my thoughts aside, the movie was good.

I’d give it a 7.8.


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