Superman is being cast for Supergirl season 2!





Hello everyone and welcome back to our blog where today we will be discussing the recent casting that Supergirl is looking for season 2.

A Superman.

Wow, we can’t believe that we are going to actually get a Superman on TV again. It seemed like they were never going to let any of the Big Three (Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman) onto the shows.

Now it does make sense that they would add him to the show because it is Supergirl. My biggest problem with the show is that it did not show Superman properly. You can’t have a good Supergirl without her cousin actually appearing. He might actually redeem the show if he does a great job.

So who is going to play the Man of Steel?

We think that it is going to be none other than Tom Welling!

Yes, Clark Kent is Superman!

If you are not familiar with Tom Welling then you might know the DC show Smallville in which he was Clark Kent. It seems only right that he would play Superman in Supergirl since Smallville was one of DC’s longest airing shows. We think that it would be really cool to actually see him wear the cape which he was so adamant against in Smallville.

And it seems that this might be true because CBS canceled the pilot to Section 13 in which Tom Welling was going to star. So does this confirm that he has moved over to Supergirl to play Superman?

Only time will tell, but the rumor mill is heating up!




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