Batman A Telltale Game official Trailer Review!


It’s here.

It’s here everyone.

Is anyone else excited for this? Of course you all are, it’s Batman. So here it is…

Oh my God, wow. That was pretty amazing.

Seppin’s First Reaction:

It’s like the Batman Origins that we wanted, (no offence to Arkham Origins).

Okay, cool down. Only downside is that there isn’t any of the classic voice actors everyone loves. I mean, I don’t mind Troy Baker being Batman, but he needs to do good in this to impress me since Kevin Conroy will always be my Batman…but I hope you do good, Troy. This isn’t Lego anymore Troy, you’re getting a shot at actually being Batman.

Seems like Selina Kyle is going to be very important in this which is pretty awesome since she is a great character to counter Bruce’s need for justice. Plus we’re going to get Two-Face eventually which is cool. Falcone as the main guy… stereotypical.

Overall We hope it is on par or better than the past Telltale Games. Always shoot high, right?

Oh, and Seppin is doing to a Playthrough the first or second day it comes out 🙂




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