Justice League Action teaser!

So we got our first look at the new DC Animated endeavor. So let’s watch this teaser…


Seppin’s Reaction

Okay, so I’m an old school fan who loved Bruce Tim and Paul Dini’s work, and this is made by Alan Burnett who worked with them, so I was expecting him to bring back that feel. Of course I was also expecting this whole new style of animation from Teen Titans Go (which I hate). I think that it will do well for their young audience, but It seems a little to indecisive. It seems that they want it to be similar to Justice League of America, but they also want it to be random like Teen Titans Go, which gives us this okay teaser. I’m not saying it’s terrible, but it will never compare to the old fashioned animation that people love.

Rating it out of ten: 5.8


Lulu’s Reaction

That was Awesome! I really liked the music and Batman. I would definitely want to watch it. I also liked the funny parts with Firestorm. I sort of liked Wonder Woman, but her costume was alright and I hated her hair. I liked seeing all of the different characters from the DC Universe too.

Rating it out of ten: 7





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