Sony Conference Overview

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Yesterday was another interesting day at E3. There were tons of trailers and a lot of great moments. (Not as amazing as Bethesda’s conference… but who could beat that?)

Sony, did an amazing job though showing off many of their great new exclusives and creating a dramatic environment for the audience. Here are the trailers:


Last of Us Part II


The game looks incredibly smooth and Ellie’s adventure seems gritty and realistic. We love it and are excited to see what comes next for the Last of Us.


Death Stranding


Death Stranding is going to be one of the PS4’s most interesting games. We believe this because it is going to be the first game developed by Hideo Kojima after he left Konami. Hideo Kojima is a brilliant game creator and his games are very artistic. You can tell from this trailer that this game is going to be a cinematic masterpiece!


Ghost of Tsushima


Sucker Punch games are more known for their Infamous games, but it seems that they are going in a new direction with Ghost of Tsushima. This samurai story is reminiscent of the classic Akira Kurosawa films. It looks amazing and the gameplay seems to be on par.




Sorry we waited until the fourth game to show you the Spider-Man game, but there have been a ton of games that all look great by Sony this year. Here is Spider-Man. We love it and it feels similar to Dan Slott’s run which is a great way to honor the writer after he spend a decade writing the character. The sinister Six make their appearance and we get teased at the end for someone else. We have no clue who it is and what is going on.. But we love it. It feels just like a Spider-man comic and might become the best Spider game ever?


Resident Evil 2 (Remake)


This was incredibly surprising. There were no rumors whatsoever and really made us jump. Without a doubt, the best game in the Resident Evil franchise is the second one. It’s creepy and has a great story. We are incredibly excited to be scared again by one of the best zombie franchises there was.




A new and strange game by Remedy (Max Payne), who are well known for creating bullet time. Have created an interesting game focusing on Telekinesis. We don’t know much about the story, but it looks really cool!


Trover saves the Universe



Greatest game at e3.



What did you think about Sony’s conference? There were some other games announced by Sony, but thees are the highlights that we picked out. We love all fo these games and are excited for what Sony is planning next.




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