Silver Shadow & The Lost Elf Are Live!

Hey everyone! We are proud to say that our two new books are out on Amazon Kindle and are ready for purchase. MSR has put a lot of thought and effort into the creation of our two newest characters for SeppinRek. Their a great start to a whole new side of our world that we know you’ll enjoy!

Check them out:

Silver Shadow

In a city plagued with crime, a new vigilante has emerged from the shadows…

Thaddeus Whitlock is the wealthiest man in San Francisco. He seems to have it all, but lurking behind his cool gray eyes is a secret. On a mission to rid his beloved city of the increasing amount of drugs, trafficking, and guns, he becomes a figure of terror to criminals and a hero to those who are losing hope.
But is he destined for something far more noble?
A magical discovery will soon set him on a new path that will change his life forever.

Silver Shadow is the latest book in the comic book inspired short novel series from SeppinRek Entertainment and written by Amazon best-selling author Shannon Barczak.
This book contains violence and profanity. Intended for audiences 16 and up.


The Lost Elf

~To know one’s fate, is to know one’s heart~

Long ago, the fabled elves, who were magical and peaceful beings, were forced to flee into a hidden realm. They have been hunted ever since they disappeared from this world by evil witches and warlocks who want to dine on their powerful blood.

But one elf refuses to hide any longer as she desperately searches for her brother…the lost elf.

Princess Willow of Elvia has recently returned from a mission in the human world and is now being condemned to house arrest by her mother, the queen. A surprise visitor throws the mystical realm into chaos and Willow embarks on a dangerous journey to not only save her brother, but to also accept her fate.

The Lost Elf is part of a comic book inspired short novel series by SeppinRek Entertainment and is by Amazon best-selling author Shannon Barczak.


Just a quick reminder that you can read them for free with Kindle Unlimited, so use it if you’ve got it. We hope you guys enjoy these two new, original stories from MSR and we thank you for being such awesome fans! Stay tuned for there is more to come in time…

Until next time!




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