Jessica Jones Season 3 Trailer

Hey everyone! Jessica Jones season 3 is right around the corner. Setting to come out on June 14th, Netflix released a poster and a trailer. Creepy! The new trailer for Jessica Jones season 3 is out now. Considering that it will be the final season for Marvel's Netflix shows, it's feels a lot like a... Continue Reading →

Seppin Reviews: Jessica Jones Chapters 3 & 4

Welcome back, sorry that I have missed a few, but we are back to reviewing comics every day! Today, Seppin is going to be reviewing Jessica Jones Chapters 3 & 4 written by Kelly Thompson and art by Mattia de Iulis.   ~~Review~~   So, I thought that I had already reviewed the first two chapters, but it... Continue Reading →

Luke Cage Season 2 Non-Spoiler Review

Seppin's favorite Harlem hero is at it again. Luke's second season was released Friday morning and Seppin has been binging the show non-stop to get you all the best non-spoiler review there is out there. Sadly, MSR and Rek are not finished, so that means this review is going to be Seppin's sole opinion. Seppin:... Continue Reading →

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