Thor 4 Confirmed

Hey everyone! Surprising news today! Thor will be the first Marvel character to break the solo trilogy mythos. It was recently confirmed that Thor 4 is a go and that director Taika Waititi will return for the new film. So, to celebrate this momentous occasion we decided to show some appreciation for "The Strongest Avenger."... Continue Reading →

Thor: Ragnarok T.V. Spots

New t.v. spots for Thor: Ragnarok are out and we have them here for your viewing pleasure! Chem them out below! Thor: Ragnarok comes crashing into theaters November 3, 2017! ~Seppin ~Rek

Thor Ragnarok Gets Renamed in Japan

Yet another reason why Seppin wants to go to Japan... Apparently in Japan the name Ragnarok is not known, nor is it a familiar term so, the country is getting its own title for the movie Thor:Ragnarok and we love it! "Mighty Thor:Battle Royale." Yes! The Mighty Thor! Finally! If only I could convince Rek... Continue Reading →

Thor Ragnarok News

A Facebook Live broadcast from the set of Thor: Ragnarok didn't spoil too much about the third film, but there were a couple of teases dropped along the way. Broadcasting from a location near the Gold Coast in Australia, director Taika Waititi and stars Chris Hemsworth took viewers for a tour of the location, which... Continue Reading →

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