Top Five Marvel Characters who should wield a Green Lantern Ring

Not everybody can wield the most powerful weapon of the universe, but there are a few Marvel characters that can.


5. Daredevil

Image result for Daredevil Green Lantern

Matt Murdock has proven that he has willpower. He refuses to murder criminals and he also refuses to back down. Mathew has often stared death in the face and has thrown a punch at it. He isn’t number one because he has been driven to killing and he has been scared before. He is a strong choice though.

4. Ben Grimm

Image result for Ben Grimm Green Lantern

Ben Grimm is one of the strongest characters that Marvel has in more than one sense. Yes, he is physically strong, but his will to live after such a terrible transformation has placed him on this list. It would be awesome to see him interact with Killowag because their personalities are quite similar.


3. Agent Venom

Image result for Venom Green Lantern

Flash Thompson is a war hero because he willingly took on the Venom symbiote and because he is able to fight back every day. He fights the symbiote so that it doesn’t take over his mind. That is pretty difficult to do when he is wearing the suit all of the time. That is why we ranked him high on this list.


2. Cyclops

Image result for Cyclops Green Lantern

Cyclops is in a difficult role. He wants to help lead the mutants, but he also wants to fight against the people pushing them down. Then he has to deal with his fellow mutants who don’t agree with him. Lastly, he lost Jean Grey, who was the love of his life.


1. Captain America

Image result for captain america green lantern

Captain America may seem like an obvious choice, but it is just so perfect. He fights for what he believes in, which is willpower at it’s core. Add in the fact that he fights for freedom and protects the innocent would make him a perfect officer for the Green Lantern Corps. Plus it would be really cool to see Captain America leading the lanterns into battle.


What do you think? Did we miss anyone?






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