NEW Superman Animated Series?!

No, you are not dreaming! We just heard news about a new Batman animated series and in the same day WB announced a new Superman animated series titled, “My Adventures With Superman” and will be airing on HBO Max and Cartoon Network.

Above is the first look at the series and it seems really fun. It looks like it is going to be a more playful show focusing on our three protagonists. It is going to be a coming of age story for Clark, Lois, and Jimmy as they begin to learn who they are and stop bad guys together in Metropolis. At the same time they will learn just how good of an investigative team they are together. We also know that Lois and Clark’s romance will be at the for front her as Clark learns to be the hero of Metropolis and keep his identity a secret to his closest friends.

Another great announcement to come with this is that Jack Quaid, from The Boys, is goin to be voicing Clark and Alice Lee has been cast to voice Lois. Although there is no news on Jimmy’s actor yet, it is great to see a strong voice cast being brought together already.

Oh and did I mention that it has already been ordered for TWO seasons? Yes, it appears that WB is confident in this show and we are so excited to watch it!

Overall, this is awesome to hear! And its about time that we got a not Superman animated show!


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